Where are my "download" and "navigator" folders gone ?
  • Hello.
    I have a phone with android 10 (so no access restrictions on the Android>data folder) with 128 MB of internal memory and NO SD-card (not possible to install one there is no slot)
    MFN is installed since years and works fine (actual version is 7.3.21)
    Today in the settings of MFN I wanted to go into the map management (?) settings (my MFN install is french, it's called "Gestion des cartes", it's just before the orientation settings)
    Immediatly I saw a window showing that the maps are copied elsewhere (where, I don't now), even if I didn't ask for that.
    The problem is just I cannot find them anymore in the phone's memory.
    Previously they went in Android>data>com.mapfactor.navigator>files>navigator>data
    In fact in in Android>data>com.mapfactor.navigator>files the folders "download" and "navigator" are now missing, there is just the folder "temp" remaining.

    But MFN is still working as before...
    Doing a search in a file manager didn't help me to find where the MFN files are gone.

    Some help or ideas would be appreciated !

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  • The files are invisible due to restrictions imposed by Google and because MFN insists on adhering to Google's rules by an absolute 200%.
  • OK thank you. (Danke schön !)
    But one minute before I choosed the map management settings (and the unasked copy of the files) , the folders "download and "navigator" still were visible.
    And I have Android 10, so far I now the access restrictions for the Android>data folder began with Android 11 ?
    I can still access Android>data>com.mapfactor.navigator>files> it's just that the 2 folders disappeared.
    Or is it MFN wich marked them as hidden ?

  • "Or is it MFN wich marked them as hidden" - Yes. MFN mark the files as hidden. And the restrictions came with Android 10. You can make a backup and replace the backup files with your old files and then make a restore.
  • Danke nochmals für die schnelle Antwort !
    It's not a big problem for me, I just wanted to understand what's going on !
    As long as I can open a gpx file prepared with ITN Converter or Kurviger in MFN and save my backup files in a folder that I can choose and access it's OK for me !

    The funny thing is that I have another phone with Android 11 and the same version of MFN, with just about 1 GB of free memory remaining.
    When I go the the map management in the setup a window opens saying (it's french) that "it's impossible to move the files because of not enough space" !
    So I have still the "old" folders scheme for MFN with the com.mapfactor.navigator>files>navigator, temp and download folders that I can access (with an explorer like Cx Explorer that makes use of a loophole in Android 11).


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