Mapfactor ignoring custom warning sounds ...
  • Higuys,

    I´ce created some more subtle warning sounds for Mapfactor, but they are just ignored. I examinated the original ones with mediainfo which showed me:

    Format                                   : Wave
    Dateigröße                             : 43,7 KiB
    Dauer                                    : 1s 0 ms
    Modus der Gesamtbitrate                  : konstant
    Gesamte Bitrate                          : 358 kb/s
    Kodiert von                              : RDM2000
    Aufnahmedatum                            : 2009-04-26
    Kodierendes Programm                     : Sound Forge 4.5;Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0

    Format                                   : PCM
    Format-Einstellungen                     : Little / Signed
    Codec-ID                                 : 1
    Dauer                                    : 1s 0 ms
    Bitraten-Modus                           : konstant
    Bitrate                                  : 352,8 kb/s
    Kanäle                                   : 1 Kanal
    Samplingrate                             : 22,05 kHz
    Bit depth                                : 16 bits
    Stream-Größe                             : 43,1 KiB (99%)

    for the files scout_100, scout_500 and scout_1000.wav. Scout_default is the same format but only exactly 500ms long.

    Using this data (incl. meta data) I created new custom files, but during navigation or route simulation they are simply ignored at positions where the original warning sounds are played back, no strange sounds or something similar, simply nothing.

    Rechecking and comparing the original/custom files with mediainfo results in exactly the same format as the original files (see above), files were created with WaveLab.

    Any suggestions for a suitable solution...?

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  • Could you please provide at least one of your files to be able to check them out?
  • JambaFee, thanks for taking care, I`ve been playing on with the scout files and created one more set based on the mediainfo of the originals. As You formerly remarked in another thread files duration always is a multiple of exactly 1 sec... here`s the link, hope it will do ...

  • 2highlander, with your files I didn't receive warning sounds too. Then I simply opened them in audacity and exported them (without changing anything) as wav-files, those files worked for me. I placed them here, please try it out:
  • Wow, the files work on both of my androids, thx so much for Your effort! This approach is deep-saved for future!

    When comparing my Wavelab- and Your Audacity files in a hexviewer they indeed look completely different, but mediainfo is showing exactly the same.

    At a first glimpse that means to me that Wavelab is creating non-conform wavs. This is a thing I will keep at, but nevertheless it's strange because the Wavelab files are played back by all common mediaplayers, be it on PC or android devices.
  • Addendum:

    On my S5 MFN is running from internal memory. So I pushed MFN to an inserted SD card, swapped the warning sounds and pushed the whole thing back to internal memory. Then tested - and MFN plays back the original sound, even after wiping cache.

    After some more testing I found out that swapped warning sounds will only become effective after a restart of the phone.

    Strange - I also swap custom album style files with the same approach described above because MFN updates replace them with the originals. In opposite to warning sounds, they become effective immediately without needing a restart of the whole system.
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