[solved] Ignore a waypoint while in navigation mode
  • Hello!
    I have been meeting a probleme to find a way, while navigating,  to easily make navigator ignore a waypoint  I didn't respect for any reason it is. The navigator wanting absolutely to navigate to this previous waypoint!
    The only way I found is to stop my moto, take off my gloves, go to "route info" then delete this waypoint, resume navigation mode, put my gloves on, restart my trip
    Does anybody found a better way to face this situation ? 
    Thanks for your ideas
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  • Just tap on the screen while navigating, at the bottom 8 panels will fly out which You can configure free. As default, one of them shows 'skip waypoint', if not just put the option on any panel You want. Route will be recalculated automatically if the appropriate option in Your settings is checked.

    I also use MFN on the motorbike, therefore I configured 4 panels with the same 'skip waypoint' to be sure to hit the right one during riding.
  • Thanks 2 highlander, when in map display, selected fron the window "routing points"  when I tap on a point I see the 8 panels windows fly out but there no "skip wpt" button and if I maintain pressure on this window , two more buttons appear but not a "skip wpt"
    What is the way to make appear this button in this window ?
  • Sorry forgot to say I use version 7.3.17
  • The panels in 'just viewing' and navigation mode look like the same at a first glimpse, but they are different. Buttons can be changed in almost the same way, the only difference is a menu with some more options in normal mode.

    In navigation mode, long tap one of the 8 buttons flying out and a menu with symbols for another function will pop up, there You will find a symbol for skipping waypoints.

    ATTENTION: simulating is not the same as navigation, in simulating mode You will only see the same button bars as in normal mode!
  • Ok, Ifound it when in navigation, not available in other mode
    Thanks 2 hihlander
  • Wasn't that hard, have fun with MFN - and Your moto :)

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