HD Traffic & Android Auto
  • Hi all. I'm using MFN v.7.2.37 on a Samsung Galaxy 21FE & Android 12. I have HD traffic enabled & it works fine on the phone screen. Traffic information is displayed on the phone & routing avoids traffic problems. When I connect my phone to my car & use MFN via Andoid Auto on the car screen I no longer get HD traffic. There is no traffic information displayed on the car screen & routing appears to ignore any closed roads etc. Anyone else experiencing this?
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  • you may not see traffic info on Android auto, but route is calculated on your phone, so traffic events should not be ignored
  • Twice in the last couple of months it has taken me to a closed road. When I've checked on the phone MFN shows the road as closed.
  • I cannot comment without knowing details, please email support
  • Thanks Tomas. I'll keep any eye on it & will email support if it happens again.

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