wrong info in signposts
  • I noticed that the info in the signposts are not right since update
    When you need to leave the highway, the name in the bleu signposts are displayed with the name when you drive though.
    Can this be repaired?
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  • sorry, but I do not understand
    please give example
  • I was wrong about this was since also in 21.0.0

    start: Netherlands, Gieten, City Center
    to: Neterlands, Rolde, City Center

    After traffic circle N34 and N33
    You take exit Rolde
    Display: Assen

    You can also drive throug Rolde to Assen, but it's confusing this way of displaying
  • on the roundebout it says Rolde Assen, after roundabout it says Assen Zwolle
    in OSM it says Rolde ssen, but it was edited 5 days ago, so please wait for the next map update

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