Medion GoPal 4 Windows CE
  • Hello. I have an old Medion GoPal Navigator 4 (E3230 MD 97540) running on Windows CE Core 5.0
    The software and maps are no longer supported by Medion or the OEM,
    so I am thinking of replacing the software on it with Navigator FREE.

    Has anyone done this before? Is it possible? Are there any instructions available?

    Thanks, Dave
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  • Hello Again.

    I have downloaded and installed the setup program, and got it to create the app for Win CE.

    This app runs fine in my WinCE Emulator.

    I then copied that app to my Medion device, replacing the medion-supplied 'navigation' folder,
    and naming the 'INSTALL' folder 'MENU', and renaming the executable as MENU.EXE.

    So all the names now match what Medion had installed, so that the Medion MENU.EXE in the root directory should find the new one, and run it.

    However, it does not. It just freezes at the orange GoPal screen.

    Any suggestions, please?
  • Hello,
    you might need also probably some missing DLLs:

    COMMCTRL.DLL (384.512 Bytes), conversion.dll (139.776 Bytes), COREDLL.DLL (556.032 Bytes), WININET.DLL (522.752 Bytes) und ZLIB.DLL (22.528 Bytes).

    You could then try also a older version of Navigator that runs stable on PNAs with little RAM.

    German Website:
  • Frisian, I think you are correct - the program runs fine on my WnCE Emulator, but not on the PNA.
    I checked, and the emulator has those DLLs in the Windows folder, but I can't copy them (from the ROM image).
    Please tell me where I can obtain those DLLs - I can provide an email address if you can send me them.
    (They are not in the WinCE5 SDK nor on the WinCE 5 ISO).
    Regards, Dave
  • Hello Dave,
    most likely not on a legal way, because there is a Copyright on those DLLs. I got those DLLs in the past from a french Website for my Medion PNA 500T. At the Moment I don't know if I saved the Link in my Browser. When I find it, I will post the Link here.

    I found the Link, but it is dead. You might search the Web for: "Xania DLL Paket". On the Website "Digital Eliteboard" there seems to be still this package for Download.
  • No joy with that location, but after a lot of searching, and reading German Fora, I found this link:
    I copied the DLLs from the CE5 folder to my device, and the software runs ;-)
    Ty for your help
  • My pleasure. Why throw away hadware that is still running. If everything is running, I would Backup the complete new System straight away, because after a hardreset maybe You have to start all over again.
  • Everything is seems to be working - GPS found my current location, I can enter destination, change vehicle type - except actually calculating a route ????
    It simply says route not found.
    Has it run out of ram?
    The route would have been 177 miles / 250km
    EDIT Just tried it in the Windows CE Emulator, using different vehicle types - always get the same message:
    No Route Available
    Please check your settings for disabled toll, charge or truck parameters and ensure you have all necessary regions installed and enabled.
    It is a UK route I'm trying, and I have all UK maps installed, enabled, and all road types enabled.

  • please email support with departure and destination in coordinates
  • Might be the vehicle setting. Are all roads enabled in the setting? Try a different shorter route. Then you know, the RAM has may be not enough MB.
    I would try a older version. There is a older Thread on this topic here in this forum, with a link where you can Download a older version not using that much MB RAM.
  • I think it may be a RAM problem - it seems able to calculate short routes of only a few miles/Km...
  • With a older version, routes up to 1000 km are no problem even with little RAM.

    The latest WinCE version is simply of no use anymore for PNAs with less MB RAM. It will probably even not work proper with 512 MB RAM and that is the most that is on offer on new PNAs on Chinese Onlineshops.
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