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  • I work a whole day to config my new Smartphone, but i have 0% made. What is this for a bad Technology? I am finished.
    In Windows is this Problem solved, i make Full System Backups and if i make a System Upgrade i just move the SSD and install the new drivers... Windows can always keeping all settings and Android hiding the settings now completely? What do the devs think sometimes?
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  • do you mean Google developers?
    we do not hide anything and we introduce local backup to a slectable folder
  • Yes, i mean the google developers, yes, this is the wrong forum. But maybe the mapfactor devs can give us a export-button that we can exporting all settings, maps and routingpoints and Tracks to a open folder like the documents-folder. Here is a Problem, devs should find a solution. Export settings is not forbidden, many high configurable Programs have this option. And a Import-Button is also needed. This is self explaining.

    And by the Way, X-Plore works not. maybe somebody thinking it works, but the same works with Total Commander, that maybe sometimes a file be visible. But this have nothing to do with tha main problem.
  • you can create your own backup folder in settings/advanced/backup
    thn you can access it
  • Thats you Standard-answer (second after "you have a faulty sd-card)?
    I think you dont understand what the Problem is
  • yes SD is standard when it is not possible to establish what the problem is
    user's descriptions like 'it does not work' do not give any indication

    best is to email, give details, screenshots and logs

  • Good luck.
    I'm OsmAnd-fan now.
    Bye bye Navigator \m/
  • I think you will find that Oasmand is a little beind with Google policies, but Google will force them to comply and access will be denied
  • Android 11 and they have still FAT32 (when not have Samsung or Root). I guess in FAT32 are no such restrictions possible. I will test what happens when i remove the SD-Card. I Guess when you connect the SD-Card with the PC is Full Acess possible or they have the files maybe encrypted. I will test this sometimes.
    i have the Wikipedia offline with a 35GB File.......... This works only with exFAT or NTFS.

    And in Navigator it should be possible to make a Storage-Backup of the Maps. But the Backup of the settings are good, yes, it is possible to use it.

    Edit: And what is with the GPS-Tracks?

  • @tomas OSMAnd uses the Android-Standardfolder (... /Android/data/ No problem to access with X-Plore. I dont know why MF uses an other folder.
  • I have Navigator on SD and can access folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
    that was the only reason I moved Navigator to SD

  • Google Pixel has no SD-Card. Full path for Osmand is /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

    There is also a folder named /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files
    But this folder is empty. I dont know where MF is storing the files. Anyway: not in the standardfolder
  • PS: for me it sounds more like that OSMAnd follow the Android-Rules (because its using the Standardfolder) and MF NOT. So stop saying OSMAnd will be "behind the google policies"!
  • that is where files are, storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files
    but Google restricts access

    which folder are Osmand files in?
  • Map-Data direct in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/
    And there are many subfolders with other files
  • "(because its using the Standardfolder) and MF NO" Mapfactor Navigator using also the standard Folder, just the Files are hidden. I have removed the SD-Card and connected directly to the PC and the Files are there and i have full Access. FAT32 have no restrictions. This are only virtual restrictions in Android.
  • I am confused, you wrote
    "Google Pixel has no SD-Card"

    now you say you removed SD

    is Navigator on SD or not?
  • MB76 is another person. If you have no SD-Card, you have no Access. If you have the data on the SD-Card, you must remove the SD-Card and connect it directly to the PC and then have you Access. I will trying to root my Cubot KingKong 5 pro.
  • I'm out, because I dont use Navigatior any more. I hope for the other users you can fix the Problem.

    Good luck
  • I do not have to remove SD to have access, but I do not have acces when Navigator is in internal storage
  • In Germany we say: "Wir drehen uns im Kreis".
  • @tomas: "I do not have to remove SD to have access, but I do not have acces when Navigator is in internal storage" - Use just a CUBOT KingKong 5 Pro or another Device with a native Android System and you are able to reproduce that also the Standard-Folder on the SD-Card can be restricted. Maybe with exFAT-Filesystem are no such problems, but exFAT or NTFS works not on a native Android System.
  • To clarify a few things:
    -Android could restrict access to filesystem even if you use FAT32 (it is about how file operations are implemented)
    -Apps could ignore new Google's storage policy as long as they are not updated (every app on Google Play updated after October 2021 is forced to use the new policy)

    Workaround to this problem on Android >= 11 is:
    1) install an older version of Navigator which is not affected by Google's storage policy (e.g. 6.0)
    2) import everything you need
    3) ensure it works in Navigator (some maps which were recently split will not be shown)
    4) update Navigator
  • .... or brick Your phone and install Lineage OS
  • Really?

    >> Matthias wrote
    >> ... exFAT or NTFS works not on a native Android System.

    Is this a new "feature" in Android 11? All my Android devices (all unrooted - 7.1/8/9) use exFAT on SDcard.
    Thought about getting me a new one with 11 - if it's not ready for exFAT, I'll keep my fingers off ...

    Regards ...
  • @RogerGatsky: Android which is not changed by the manufacturer have no support for exFAT. Buy a Samsung and you will have exFAT Support. Buy no China-Smartphone.
  • And why cant you use just the "Documents" Folder? This will be the solution. And BTW, not the folders are protected, the files are protected, and this is made by the apps. This mean Mapfactor hiding this files by it self because they think that google want it.

    I rooting my Device now, because i cant work this way. I use for rooting Magisk and Airfrozen. Hoping this will be the solution.

    I cant open my Whatsapp Backup from the old Smartphone on this Andoid 11. Why they forcing all users to google drive? I have a Backup, why should i uploading this to Google drive? They are crazy!!!
  •  I have my CUBOT KingKong 5 Pro installed without root because i need Payment- and Banking-Apps and Magisk is not perfect for all Banking Apps. Rooting is just dangerous. No Root mean that there will be no good Backup possible anymore. Google Drive backup (the oly way because the adb backup didnt work right) saved only the settings of 3 apps from 100 apps and if you have apps which are not in the PlayStore, Google make no Backup from this app. Hoping i can sometimes installing TWRP without root and data loss for a 100% Backup. This Story is long. I need 20h for installing a Smartphone, and i have already not my Bookmarks of the Browser moved, but decided that i don't need the internetbrowsing with the smartphone.

    I can live with the Backup- and Map-Import-Functions of mapfactor navigator. It is just bad, that if you import the settings you have to make a hook on every xml file. Why is there no hook to make all hooks at the same time? Its like the problem with the nmea and gpx dialog box...... and for exporting the nmea or gpx files you have to touch on each file and using save as. Exporting all files together isn't possible.

    For GPS Logging i use now again "Mendhak GPS Logger for Android"
    it is a little bit heavy to work thorough the settings of "Mendhak GPS Logger for Android" which is no longer on the Play Store, but if it all made it works fine, and it create visible files to any folder.
  • According to the TWRP installation instructions you can install TWRP using adb and fastboot without having root.

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