Sudden problems (OSM, Android); help appreciated
  •  Hi, 

    in the past six weeks (or so) I have encountered two most annoying problems.

    1. Twice now, Navigator appears to have uninstalled itself - when I started the app, I had to begin from scratch, including re-installing all the maps.

    2. I had not used HD Traffic for a while.
    When, after the first Uninstall, I wanted to activate it, I was shown the "Your license does not include HD Traffic" message.
    Thinking it likely that the subscription had simply ended, I bought one - at a 50% discount; sweet!

    Last Wednesday (complete chaos on the Autobahns in my area) I needed it urgently; unfortunately, it appeared to be deactived again ("of course - second uninstall!"); activation: not really - "Your license...".

    Being pressed for time, I decided to buy again: "You have already bought this subscription"!

    Are these known problems?
    What's to be done?

    Kind Regards,
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  • Hi Jochen, please send logs from settings/advanced and add your order ID

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