The green circle lower right corner is damaged
  • Hi,

    I'm testing a Samsung Galaxy TAB A 8.0 with Android 9 at the moment. In the mapview the green dot in the lower right corner of the map, seemed to be damaged completely. It's too big and the icon is not in the middle.

    Here ist a screenshot: 

    At my second device (Lenovor 8" Tablet with Androit 10) the dot is - in comparison with the map size - smaller and the the small icon (here it's the compass) is located in the middle and fills out the dot.


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  • Additional information (second BUG!):

    Today I the chance to test the Samsung tablet on the road. I just let it work in simple map mode to show my position on the map.
    Whenever I change the size or zoomfactor of the map, the compass sign dissapeared and the map switched to a static one. (means the red arrow moves out of the map and map stood still at the same point. One click at the green dot and the red arrow was back in the center of the map and the map mooves again.

    Second bug is, that the size of the red arrow becomes smaller and smaller when I zoom the map to show a bigger area.  
    Of cause alll these bugs are in 2D-mode where the navigation autosoom also is not working.


  • I cannot replicate any of these three reported issues

    try to reset to default in settings/advanced = please take backup first
  • Hi Tomas,

    I did the reset, but after resetting it restores the last backup from google... is that correct?

    After resetting and "auto-restoring" nothing changed. The green dot is damagedas before, and the compass needle dissapears when I change the size of the map. :-(

  • no need to restore anything from Google
    areyou using reset within Navigator settings?
  • jep when I use "Einstellungen" -> "Erweitert" -> "Sichern und zurücksetzen" -> "Zurücksetzen" OR "Sichern und zurücksetzen", after the reset it shows automatical that it restores from google. - I can't do anything against it.
  • yes, you can restore user files from Google, but try it before you restore
  • That's the point. I can't reset without restoring. Directly after resetting the tablet shows that it restores, but it seems that it doesn't. There are no personal car profiles, so I think the message that it restores is wrong.

    After resetting the damaged green dot is shown again.

    The other thing, that the compass needle dissapears after changing the map size by hand (the autozoom does not work in map mode or when navigating with 2D map X( ) also happend at my Lenovo TAB 8 with Android 10.
    I havent recognized it until now, sorry.
  • autozoom never worked in 2D
  • That doesn't solve the bug with the green dot!

    Yes, I know that and this lack of zoom in the 2D display is still extremely dangerous.
    As soon as you want to change the zoom level you have to operate the smartphone / tablet while driving and you will be distracted. (It is not for nothing that calling / using a smartphone is prohibited in most countries around the world!

    The 3D view is completely superfluous for people who do not want to blindly follow an algorithm!
    You don't have a 3D view of the road in front of you in the car and that on a scale of 1: 1!
    Anyone who is somewhat intelligent and would like to keep an overview can use the 2D views. But then using Navigator becomes dangerous!

  • I do not know anybody who would have problem with 'green dot'

    is there someone?
  • Yes me!
    As you can see in the screenshot above! So why do you doubt my description?
  • I can't see Your screenshot and I think tomas also can't
  • Ah, ok. De rien for me ...*grzgrmbl
    And obviously thats no link, no reaction when tapping

  • But you are not alone... I also can't see the pic at my android 10 tablet at a PC screen it works.

    I also can't write any answers. In the moment I tap to the text window the keyboard opens and disappears immediately. :-O
    I claimed that some years ago, but nobody is interested in.
  • Thx for the link, weird thing with the little dot. I will.switch to 2d mode and try that...
  • Just switched to 2d mode and zoomed in an out in normal and nav mode. All ok, be north on the upper screen border active or not. The icons stay centered and both dot and nav arrow keep their size.

    MFN is running on a Samsung 9+ with both app and maps on an inserted 64 GB SD card. Same setup also on an old and farty S5 with lineage os installed - no faulty behavior concerning Your issues.

    I think some gremlins are screwing up especially Your device ...

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