Deactivation of lane assistant and blue motorway signs
  • Hello,
    I think that mapfactor is by far the best navigation app for android, but i have a small wish. For me the blue motorway signs and the lane assistant sometimes hides too much of the map, so I'd like to deactivate these signs. Is there a way to do this or will it be possible in a future version?

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  • not at the moment, but you can reduce size by clicking on it

  • Hi Tomas, thank you for your fast reply. I already knew that I could make the motorway sign smaller (at least some of them), but this requires the smartphone to be operated while driving, and when motorway sign and lane assistant are vivisble at the same  time the hided map area is still too big. Particularly lane assistant ist too big for me. Is it alternatively possible to make motorway sign and lane assistant smaller and/or to change the position on the screen?
  • no, it is not possible, sorry

  • I understand, then I'll have to live with it. Anyway, thank you for your answers.
    Have a nice weekend.

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