Missing maps Germany and Italy for download Windows 10 Mobile Navigator
  • Hello, is there a way to provide still the old maps for download for Germany (e.g. Germany East/West/South/North) and Italy as fallback for old devices?

    Unfortunately I had to reset my Windows 10 Mobile phone Lumia 950. Afterwards only the new regional maps are offered for download so that I no longer can use Germany and Italy... I read in the forum that the new regional maps are not supported with the old Navigator on Windows 10 Mobile and Win CE. Providing the old maps (e.g. Germany East/West/South/North) would let me (and others) continue using Navigator on old devices. I am not asking for support of new regional maps on the old devices but of course could be offered as a better solution if possible at all ...
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  • Hi,

    I guess it's only a problem for those 42 remaining WindowsMobile users - latest WinCE Version ist still running on old CE devices with actual maps.
    Just checked my backups - found Germany maps dated 2021 (copied to that device - creation date not to be seen). 1.1GB - too much to send by e-mail.

    Maybe support here will help (hope so) - otherwise i could send on CD-Card by "snail-mail". Just leave me a message ...

    Regards ...
  • Many thx Roger for your offer!
    Many thx Tomas for providing the German mca, I have just downloaded them. Could you pls. also provide the Italy files?
  • Italy is the first link
  • Oops, need better glasses ;-)
  • Now I have the files but looks like side-loading them is not straight forward...

    I have found some tool WPinternals 2.9.2 in order to disable secure boot, enable root access and mass-storage access and those things that I never did before ... Am a little bit shy to give it a try ;-)

    Is somebody aware of any other way to get the old-style mca files back to my Lumia 950?
  • The map is new split in:

    No longer needed the east west north south, the same in France.
  • New Beta-test for the users???
    Dont work here (see screenshots)

    (no country to select; no map = uselass app)
    The only thing that always works reliably is the advertising at the end

  • @Matthias The user obviously has an antique device, which means, that he only can need an antique version of the software, which only can use antique maps, which of course will have no more updates ...
  • Sorry, i was not reading. If the Treadstarter have a Windows 10 mobile, why run there not a new version of navigator? Is this really true? Run there not the Navigator 21? Win 10 mobile? This Win 10 mobile have maybe nothing to do with Windows 10...... Sorry, i am completely wrong.
  • Die funktionale Weiterentwicklung wurde 2017 beendet, Sicherheitsaktualisierungen erfolgten bis zum 14. Januar 2020.[3][4] Microsoft empfiehlt den Umstieg auf ein Android- oder iOS-Gerät.[5]

    Says Wikipedia.
  • Die funktionale Weiterentwickung vom NavigatorFree für PDA/PNA wurde seit der Version 17 auch eingestellt.
    Die Version 21 ist auf WM6/WINCE nur sehr viel instabieler. Sie läuft aber wenigsten im Gegensatz zur Version 18,19 und 20.
    Die Andriod-Version hat nicht mal ein Autozomm für 2D. Was für ein Fortschritt. Ansonsten kann sie nichts mehr, wie die Windows-Version.
    Es gibt keinen Grund deshalb umzusteigen.
  • @Oldie: I strongly disagree. my Lumia 950 DS is not an antique device but my HTC HD2 (aka Leo) is. I still use the HD2 with Navigator on my bicycle tours. It runs with WIndows Mobile 6.5. Advantage is that you can easily download the old-style MCA files via USB and I have lots of GPX tours downloaded to it.

    But sideloading via USB is not possible with the Windows 10 Mobile smartphones like the Lumia 950 DS unless you root it. Navigator on Windows 10 Mobile only allows downloading via Internet but not via USB, etc. I have not yet tried to root it to get the old-style maps on it that were provided by Tomas (thanks again).

    The old-style maps have been updated until this year so that me and others still had up-to-date maps using well functioning older releases of Navigator on older and even on antique devices. Discontinuing the old-style maps therefore is really a pitty. If there would be a compatible way for downloading and continuing the old-style maps in parallel to the new maps maybe while updating the old-style maps only quarterly or so would be highly appreciated.

    @Matthias: Windows 10 Mobile (Version 1709) is indeed discontinued. It was the first Windows 10 release for ARM processor based smartphones followed later on by the Windows 10 desktop releases for ARM processor based laptop/pc/server, e.g. nowadays Surface Pro X and others.
  • @Tomas: in the meantime I got the idea to move the Navigator App to the removable SD-card of the Lumia, then use the SD-card in my laptop, then locate the Navigator maps on the SD-card in a hidden Windows directory and simply add the downloaded Germany and Italy mca files there like I do on the Windows Mobile 6.5 device. Unfortunately, the maps are still not displayed. Selecting afterwards the download section in Navigator App then even crashes the Navigator App on my Lumia...

    Looks like side-loading the files does not work on Windows 10 Mobile. Any idea why or how to workaround? Maybe also the manually added mca files need to be registered somewhere somehow?

    When attaching the Lumia via USB to my laptop I even do not see the Navigator App and its data on the SD-card. Guess it is related to the W10 security model and the location in the hidden Windows App directory.

    I have not yet tried to root the Lumia simply in order to avoid to brick the device. But due to today's experience I don't think it is worth to try...
  • yes, it is possible that files have to be registerd in Windows, but I have no idea what needs to be done, developers of WP version are no longer with us

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