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  • Just installed Navigator on a generic WinCE GPS, and quite impressed with it so far. One problem I have found is a lack of different voices. For English, it seems there is only a synthetic male voice. I would prefer female, and natural recorded voice if possible.  Also, when I set up the speed limit warnings, it complains "object data file for scout functions missing", but I have no idea what that means or how to fix it.  Grateful for some hints.
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  • For Android you can download different voices from the map download menu and later select the downloads somewhere in the settings. It is not a great choice though.
  • If You use Google TTS even streetnames will be announced
  • On a WinCE device there is no chance to use Goo***  TTS.

    Only in German you can select the voice from "Synthetized German" or "Navilock Doris" - all other only synthetized.
    Or maybe "Klingon (Lieven Litaer)" is a natural voice - I didn't test.

    Regards ...
  • Ah, ok, I wasn't aware of WinCE. Sorry for being with Android...

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