Microsoft Lumia 650 Mobile Phone
  • Hi,
    some years ago I have installed the Navigator_free App on that Mobile. It was connected to my Laptop and the download from the webside has worked well.
    Yesterday I have thought it would be good to install a newer version. In the end I assume once more "never change a running system!".
    Here now the details: I have connected the Mobile, which has no SIM because I use it over three years now only for navigation. My Laptop has seen it. So far no problems. Then I was gone to the Mapfactory webside. click, click, click and the download to "WindowsCE or Windows mobile should began. But the Download-App don`t "sees" my Mobile. Serveral trials and no succcess.
    Now I have load the old Version from the microsoft-store. It has worked. But it was downloaded all on the SD-card and it was not big enough. I can`t understand it, because I have switched that only the internal memmory is to use. Once more with this settings and after removing the sd-card. But now the download-App downloads but after ending this process there no App and no data!?
    Befor it has worked with the SD-Card and so I have done a look an the card. The card was full, but the data of the App and the maps were not seeable.
    Has anyone an Idea?
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  • Thanks, may be card was notin order. But teh card works at other places. Now I have done a new bigger card in the phone and it works.
    I have load some europian maps. Unfortunately I see for example the Netherlands or Denmark but not Germany or France. What is wrong? The Version is
  • I'm not sure but I can remember an old thread of 2020, which said that the windows phone version was not adapted to the now splitted maps of France, Germany, England and Italy.
    Just my guessing

  • Meanwhile I think so too. So I must look to annother Navigator, which is working on an "old" (5 years) WindowsPhone. We all should save CO2! And in the end I see, that I buy a new Phone or tablet on the base of Android. What a world...
    Thanks Uli for your comment!
    Best Markus

  • Hi,

    i would suggest to buy a cheap simple WinCE navigation device and use NavFree with actual CE Version and actual maps.

    Maybe you will get old WM version to work - but no actual maps available, because old version doesn't work with new splitted maps.

    Regards ...
  • Why offer the NaviFree-Setup Utility the installation for Pocked PC / Windows Mobile?
    Since version NF17 it dosen't work. It is dubiously.

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