Looking for an alternative to the Navigator app
  • Hi to all,

    I have just received the information that the navigator does not have a working auto-zoom while navigating with or in 2D maps. ​:cursing:

    Can someone recommend an Android app that can do everything the Mapfactor Navigator can (for exaple own vehicle profiles, HD traffic, offline maps (OSM), route suggestions, GPX import, etc.), but with a working one Auto-zoom in 2D map display / navigation?
    The app and its services do not have to be free either, I am willing to pay for a good app if it does what I want. ;)

    I think the lack of 2D auto zoom and the constant hints to the manual zoom bar at the display by the MF-support are simply negligent and dangerous. I don't want to have to constantly adjust the size of the maps by hand while I'm driving. - Since that distracts at least as much as typing around on the phone (which I don't do either).

    I would be very happy about tips from you.

    Many greetings
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  • This is a Mapfactor forum full of fans of this app. So I think, this is absolutely the wrong place to post such a question. To get an answer for your question, just look at general forums.
  • I never used FreeNav on my WinCE device on the road (route suggestions are very strange, when I deselect highways). And I switch off AutoZoom wherever it is possible - I want to have a fixed scale on the screen as no maps have AutoZoom either ;-)

    For that I only ran a route simulation - 2D mode with AutoZoom On just to test . it works. At least in simulation ...

    MichaelI know, you asked for an Android app - but I never used the navigation app on my smartfone (Os***d) for navigating (only for a quick check where I find the nearest café) and I don't know how to run a simulation. But  it's free with a limited number of regions for a test. At least there is a selection for "Auto zoom map" to "no auto zoom, to longrange, to mid range, to close up" in the vehicle profile navigation settings.

    Regards ...
  • If You need Android nav without AndroidAuto integration, try Magic Earth. It is 100% free of charge, uses OSM maps with very good routing and other functions. Of course with full offline mode, but possibilitie to use traffic info. This app has the best algorithm I've ever seen with OSM maps. Without any complicated routing settings via speeds or priorities for different road types, calculated route is flawless without any glitches.
    Magic Earth has only one flaw - missing support for AndroidAuto :(
    Very good app is Mapy.cz, this app offers full offline car and hiking navigation in one application, again based on the OSM maps, even in the AndroidAuto environment, but I had problems with voice navigation, after some minutes of the navigation I lost voice guidance. Developers are working on the fix of this bug.

    I used more than 1 year mapy.cz in my phone, I changed car and this new has AA, so I moved from mapy.cz with problematic voice guidance to MapFactor Navigator Free with OSM maps.
  • I was thinking of this but I don't know why I didn't try. Now it's working as expected.

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