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  • I visited a friend recently, who lives in Münster, Westfalen. I had his address but looking for it with navigator was really tedious. In the first step there is a choice between Münster (...) and Münster (Hessen), in the choice Münster (...) Navigator listed 15 Münster in Germany just as Münster, Münster#2 to Münster#15, starting with Münster, then Münster#10 to Münster#15, then Münster#2 to Münster#9. Actually I gave up, looked at Google Maps for the address and searched and marked it directly on the map in navigator.

    Postcode search in the field Wähle Ort/Region/Postleitzahl does not work at all.

    I had another example around the same days, which I do not remember now.

    Navigator should specifiy in more detail the city as it does with Münster (Hessen) already.

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  • please update maps
  • After map updates (indicated as successful with the green check symbol) Navigator crashes on "Lade Daten". Even after a restart of the phone.
  • Happy Münstering ... *rofl*

    With actual Germany map on my Android device (virtual Android8 on BlueStacks on PC), search for "Münster" gives lots of "Münster, Kreis xyz" and even "Münster, Münster" which is Münster in Westfalen. Postcode search also works fine.
    But with actual Gernany maps on Windows PC NavFree crashes completely when selecting "Germany" at search (France works fine), and on WinCE device search hangs in selecting Germany or entering "Münster" (app doesn't hang completely, return to map works and next search in Germany will hang the same). France works fine without problems.

    Guess your map data processing needs to be improved - but many thanks für all the work you do for us *thumbup*

    Regards ...

  • Having replaced the map files with those from my tablet, Navigator starts as expected, of course with the problem of my first post here.
  • may be you need to set 'early maps' in settings/map manager
  • one more *thumbup*

    With early map access Germany East was renewed and search doesn't crash anymore. "Münster"s are found different from Android, but it works. Even postcode search works. Thanks.

    Regards ...
  • Puh, that was a long way to go, but now maps work...
  • early maps are maps released 7 days before full release
    just to be careful

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