More an more Bugs(?) with every update????? ;(
  • In the past, the Navigator always ran without any problems. Now with every update there are new things that don't work:

    1. rather funny: speed limit 255 on "Autobahnen" with no speed-limit (ist not an OSM-Problem - its nearly on every Autobahn with no limit)
    2. The navigation voice stopps "talking" after a few minutes (this is definitely due to the latest version - I installed an older one, so it works, then the newest one, then it doesn't work again)
    3. Lethal navigation instructions. Here, too, the error lies in the app and not in the OSM data, as this behavior occurs on almost ALL runs with this design. I have already deactivated "turn" in the vehicle profile. Still the same
    4. Suddenly "way-signs" (what do you call the signs with the city names on them?) are no longer displayed. I also didn't find a point in the settings.
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  • please send logs from settings/advanced
  • I sent you.
    Here another example from today:
  • I can confirm the last example. MF tried to sent me on a major street where you normally leave it. I also can confirm that the Google offline voice stops talking to me after some advises.
  • log files received, but you have version 6.0.207, so what do you mean by "Now with every update there are new things that don't work"

    please upgrade to v7.x and let us know if problem persists
  • All Bugs are also in V7
    I downgraded because of Bug number 2 (voice stopps im v7), because I need a working version. V7 is vomplete useless for me
  • but I need logs from v7 to see what the problem is

  • Maybe 2highlander can help you, because he has the same problems

    The wrong Navigation, the no-signs-bug and the 255km/h bug is also in V6.

    The downgrade only fixes the no-voice-bug
  • to look any route I need departure and destination in coordinates

    255km I cannot reproduce, so it is most likely problem with map data - if you let me know coordinates, then I can investigate

    I have no problem with blue signs display, but these are frequently missing in free maps, I would need location to check

    may be you should create a new vehicle (Car+), which will have default settings, and try it again

    as to sounds, I would need to know if you are using bluetooth or internal speaker, which sound channel, which version of Navigator and human or TTS engine
  • I managed to find this

    this is error in free maps, which somebody recently corrected
    it should be OK when updated map is released
  • Latest Germany West:
    Without lane assist, turn restrictions are ignored. I have also experienced some strange routing advices. Navigator v7.0.55
  • please email support with departure and destination in coordinates, then we can investigate
  • "this is error in free maps, which somebody recently corrected"

    So, there is the same error for streets with this Layout in the OSM data, all over germany, exactly with the last map-Update???

    Are you kidding or do you think your users are idiots?
  • if you give example then I can investigate
  • Hm, I also navigate with other apps using osm maps, they don't show this strange behavior. In my case, I knew the route and let MF do its job just for fun. But for anyone strange to this route this behavior is really dangerous and might cause serious accidents, not funny boyz!
  • There is a general issue with the map. The blue destination signs are also missing. Something must have gone wrong with the processing. I would suggest to remove this maps from the download area.
  • I really dont like the MF-programmers attitide of blaming others (OSM, users, their SD-cards,....). Especially in Playstore....
    I'm doing now more ans more with locus map. That is getter better and better, MF getting worse...

    We doing here your job as betatester for an app that brings YOU money. There is no "thank you for reporting" just "its the free maps" (so just buy maps) or "you are stupid" ????
  • first of all I am not a programmer
    we do appreciate your help, but telling us 'strange routing', 'all over Germany' and similar vague comments do not help - we need specific examples so that we can investigate what the problem is

  • But that's a hint where to begin Your search. The options are to search for a common cause concerning the whole map or to do Your search one by one based on the coordinate posted. I would begin with the first one ...
  • thanks, we will check and fix if necessary
  • Same crazy routing there with PC Navigator - strange turns left from L151 (north) to L148 (north), also from L148 (north) to L151 (south) and from L148 (south) to L151 (north and south).

    Regards ...
  • And one bug, I reported years ago, is also "still alive". If you have a list of routing-points and then you REORDER them, by drag and drop, maybe the sixth point to the second position, and then you reach this (new) second position, then ANOTHER(laiter!) routingpoint is marked as "reached" and you will miss this point!

    Long sentence in bad english :)

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