Housenumber-Search: sometimes just packages of housenumbers?
  • Maybe, there is a little bug in the address-search of mapfactor navigator free (android):
    p.e. Country: Germany (Map West) City: Alpen Street: Heidestrasse
    If you search for a Housenumber, you get some packages: p.e.  2-36b, 29a-1a or 31-37, 64-36a

    If you want to navigate to a housenumber, then often it works to enter the housenumber direct (p.e. 33 or 51). But a lot of housenumbers it can't find: p.e. 44, 52, 34, 36 etc etc.

    Is it a bug, that I can't enter all housenumbers or it is the intent that I can just enter some packages of housenumbers?
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  • it is not a bug, at this moment we works with number ranges and if a number is outside known range then you will not find it.
    soon we will be releasing a full house number search - have a look at Denmark or Canada, these two countries have been processed for testing
  • I too am wondering about house numbers.  I just downloaded MapFactor on my Android phone along with several maps covering 5 North East United States. I tried to look up an address but there is no field to enter an email address just the intersecting streets. I would be happy if I could select from an house number range, is that possible? Will the house number function be added to the US state maps? 
  • house numbers are offered after selecting a road and if house numbers are not available, then crossroad is offered instead.
    you can see this on the following example:
    New York/Manhattan/5th Avenue
  • first sorry for my english i'm french canadian
    very nice product but  i'm unable to search with address (only few address, 2 or 3 on a main street at montreal and this is a same for each streets) and it's not the fault to the osm maps because i used the osm maps on my garmin edge 800 (for cycling) and on the same street all the address are there.
    do you have a solution for that.
  • when street numbers are available in the map data then you can search for it, for example New York/Manhattan/5th Avenue.
    Unfortunately house numbers are frequently missing in free maps, but are available in TomTom maps.

    Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge.

    Having said this, you can type (speak) address in the built-in Google search.
  • yes i understand that, and thanks for the volunteers but the address already exists in open street maps.
    just as i said i have open street maps of canada and usa on my garmin edge and the address are there and searching with the street address works. the problem is maybe in the compilation in .mca format
  • It would be helpful to post an OSM link where the address you are searching for is displayed. The Mapfactor guys need an example :-)

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