How to download maps for Navigator 20 PC ?
  • Hi,

    I'm using Android Mapfactor Navigator 7 on 2 smartphones, I can download from the application free maps as France_osm_*.mca .

    A friend lend me a GPS Globe 800 with Navigator 20 PC and 2020 maps, how can I download new maps ? This GPS has no connection and the maps of my smartphones don't seem to work.

    Thanks for your help
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  • Hi,

    install and start MapFactor Installer Tool on your PC. Select "Install Map Data" and download the required maps. Maybe you have to install PC Navigator first, can't test it. Copy the downloaded .mca-files from your PC (Usually C/ProgrammData/Navigator/20.x/Data) to the Data directory on the Globe 800 via USB-Connection or - when no USB connection available - with local file manager via USB-Stick or MemoryCard (Windows Explorer or TotalCommanderCE or whatever you can start on the Globe). Overwrite old files - or better move them to a backup directory on your PC (and delete later when new maps are ok).
    Or (maybe) you can connect the memory card directly to your PC.

    Regards ...
  • Thanks RogerGatsky, I forgot to precise that my PC is a Mac ;-)

    The only windows I have is winCE on the Globe. If mca maps of Andoid where good in Navigator file it would be simple.
  • Install Virtual Box on your Mac and then install Win inside the Box *grin*
    Or use your neighbours PC - I'm sure there is one with a Windows PC and worth a visit *big grin*

    Isn't there a program called "Wine" to run Windows programs on Mac?

    I'm not that firm with Macs - maybe these ideas are a bit helpful ...

    Regards ...
  • You're right RogerGatsky I allready deal with Wine for 2 W10 softs, but I'm not going to build a (Wine) bottle just to download a free map that could be available on a site.

    As it is for a friend, the Globe owner who has a PC, I'll let him install Navigator himself.

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