Weird way WiFi disconnects are handled when downloading maps
  • Hi. I've been using MF for many years now, but just recently I noticed a weird behavior, that is making me wanna crawl up the walls:

    On a flaky WLAN connection, while downloading maps, MF will show an infobox asking whether to try to reconnect. The options are: "yes" and "no".
    When clicking "no" the download is just aborted and I'm returned to the main menu.
    When clicking "yes" I'm being forwarded to the network settings/selection system menu. But here's the problem: the WiFi connection was only gone for a mere second or so. I can actually see the ads reload in the download page, while the box is still there asking me whether to reconnect or not!

    Not only that, but even when clicking "yes", checking the connection is established, and returning to the download window, it starts at zero! The download doesn't resume, it has to download the entire package anew, and if the network connection is interrupted for a second again, it all starts over like that.

    1. Why doesn't MF not sense a re-established WiFi connection? The ads can do it, why not the download page?
    2. Why abort a download even when re-establishing the connection? Why start from zero? It's not like the download is in some sort of cache-limbo from a previous download, etc.

    This seems to be mainly a UI issue, as the simple solution would be so simply check whether a connection has been re-established while the infobox is showing, closing it and simply continuing the download.

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