Hissing sound before every verbal instruction
  • When using Mapfactor Navigator Android beta I now have a short hissing noise that sounds before every verbal instruction. Is this a bug or some other issue? How do I stop it? Thanks
    P.S It doesn't happen when running Simulate Route.
    I am using a Samsung A52 5G Android 11
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  • Is nobody experiencing this problem?
  • I do not have it.
  • Hi,
    I have this problem when I launch a navigation but nothing afterwards.
    I reported this concern quite a while ago.
  • Short hissing noise was added for Bluetooth connection (BT speakers) to prevent cutting voice command off. Its purpose is to "open" the channel.
  • hi,
    I am not connected with bluetooth but with the usb on android auto
  • I am using Mapfactor Navigator connected by Bluetooth
    to a motorcycle helmet intercom. I have never experienced a problem with voice commands being cutoff. When was this hissing noise introduced? Can it be disabled by the User? Could the duration of the hissing be reduced? If not is there a version still available without this hissing noise?
  • I've noticed the hissing noise but only before a speed warning sound. Also, that the voice instruction is much quieter than the speed warning sounds. Is this because the instruction uses the phone channel & the speed warning uses the media channel? I use Android Auto connected via a usb cable. Next time out I'll try increasing the phone call volume to see if it makes a difference.
  • I posted this some time ago but have not received any advice or response from the developer. Is he on vacation or am I just being too impatient? Thanks
  • we are working on this, please be patient
  • Sorry Tomás, I thought I was the only person with the problem. The problem is annoying but won't stop me from using Navigator. Thanks for replying, much appreciated.
  • Just a quick message to thank Tomás for fixing the hissing noise before every verbal instruction. Much appreciated :-)
  • it is not me, I am not a developer :-)
    but I will pass it on

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