NavigatorFree on Dynavin N7 Pro - Program always exits
  • I need some assistance running NavigatorFree on a Dynavin N7 PRo

    Using the Navigator 20 - Setup Utility, i created a 64GB SD card for Windows CE
    The setup utility created following folders on the SD card


    I unpacked the contents of the RAR file from the Setup folder to the Install folder.
    The N7 Pro allows me to select where to look for the navigation software, Navigator.exe selected.

    The software starts but, each time, it exits after a few seconds briefly showing a 'loading' screen.

    Anyone succeeded in using NavigatorFree on a Dynavin N7?

    It is unclear to me where to put the contents of the RAR file. Do i need to put them where the .mca files are located?
    As i noticed all .mca files are present at two locations (the root folder and the data folder), i don't know which file set is used by the software.
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  • delete .mca files in root
  • Thanks for the info - will try it.

    Meanwhile, i did a new test:
    First boot, i can select my locale and language.
    Next, the software asks for a icence code, i select cancel and it tells me it will continue in free mode.
    The following screen is a startup screen and a vertical progress bar appears at the bottom.
    This is where the program exits. When i try to run the program again, it always exits after a few seconds.

    There are two log files on the SD card. One has readable text, the other is garbled.


    command line:''
    SYS_HIRES: Running in highres mode
    IDC file: \SDMMC\Install\atlas.idc
    Trying to load \SDMMC\Install\settings.xml
    \SDMMC\Install\settings.xml loaded and initialized
    Settings loaded successfully.
    SYS_DPI: 96,96
    PROFILER: <1> new BarneyApplication() - 0.073 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() START - 1.081 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() splashScreen showed - 1.138 secs
    ------------------[ COMPOSER DUMP BEGIN ]------------------
    sound_en                                   MapFactor - Lotta                                 : sheet id 65535, data version = 2, data creation = 200809171, path = '\SDMMC\Install\..\sounds_en.mca\'
    sound_fr                                   MapFactor                                         : sheet id 65535, data version = 2, data creation = 200809171, path = '\SDMMC\Install\..\sounds_fr.mca\'
    sound_nl                                   MapFactor                                         : sheet id 65535, data version = 2, data creation = 201101251, path = '\SDMMC\Install\..\sounds_nl.mca\'
    sound_xx_signal                            Signal sounds                                     : sheet id 65535, data version = 2, data creation = 201001271, path = '\SDMMC\Install\..\sounds_xx_signal.mca\'
    -------------------[ COMPOSER DUMP END ]-------------------
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() localization initialized - 24.210 secs
    Version: v.20.3.5 PND
    Resolution: 800 x 480
    PROFILER: <2> ResourceContainer::ResourceContainer() - 0.196 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() ResourceContainer COLD initialization - 24.410 secs
    PROFILER: (TS) BarneyApplication::initBarneyUniverse() SoundsPlayer and Events initialized - 24.421 secs
    PROFILER: <2> BarneyApplication::initSoundsPlayer() - 0.012 secs
    loadMapResources: License FAILED: public key = '!THIS-ISNOT-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx'
    PROFILER: <2> initBarneyUniverse() - 8.683 secs
    Application has finished and is restarting

  • you did not install any maps, just sounds
  • The log file is from the very first run of the program.
    As i can't connect my N7 to the computer, i used the Navigator 20 setup utility on my computer running Windows 10 to create a SD card containig all necessary files. I unpacked the rar file on the SD card and the DATA folder contains all european map and sound files (MCA files).
    I run the navigator software directly from the SD card. I suppose this is possible?
    Do i need to perform additional steps in order to be able to use the maps?
    If i need to configure this within te navigation software, i'm stuck as the program always exits after a few seconds.
  • email latest log to support
  • Thanks for the fast reply, log files sent to support

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