Android Auto favorites (my places) list display only the first few items
  • While using MapFactor on the phone without AA , I have a list of around 12 favorites(my places).

    When I plug in the cable and activate AA , when looking on the car screen and going on the car screen on MapFactor at favorites I see only the first few items (5-6) in the alphabetical order , meanwhile there is a gray scroll down button that doesn't display the other items.

    I need to always delete most of the favorites and let only about 5 so I can see them all on the car AA or just put A in front of my new favorite just so i can see it on top of the others.

    Please fix it.
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  • 6 is limit by Google, nothing we can do about it
    just put your most used on top
  • Hi,
    you must load its gpx file or its destination before connecting Android Auto
    this is the only solution I found

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