Error with Italian OSM Map
  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the Navigator Free App on Android.
    The App works properly but I have one issue with the Italian OSM Map. When I want to choose the town "Völs am Schlern" in Italia the App crashes and stops. It's only with the town "Völs am Schlern". With "Turíno" the Italian OSM Map is working properly.
    Maybe someone can check the error on his phone too.

    Thanks for answers!
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  • I confirm that there is a problem, we will fix it soon
  • @ tomas
    Thanks for your return!
  • NavFree on PC does not even know that name - as soon as I enter the blank after Völs, search remains empty.
    Same happens with the Italian name "Fié allo Sciliar" - after entering Fie and the blank, search is empty (search does not accept the é character).

    Regards ...

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