Test of version 6.2.x for Android

    -prepared for new TomTom maps of Asia, Middle East and Oceania

    Available on Google Play Beta or via download link 
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  • V6.2.6 and previous
    TomTom map
    HD traffic on

    Tried to load one of my routes with 26 waypoints (used few times before) but this time got " Warning - Route not found" message.
    Spent some time trying to figure out why a good working route suddenly stopped working. After changing various configurations with no success I noticed one my waypoints was bang in the middle of a closed road.
    Cleared the waypoint and the route was succesfully calculated.

    In situations like this I would have expected Mapfactor to :-
    A. Bypass the waypoint in the closed road or
    B. At least warn me that one my waypoints is in a closed road.

    Can you please look into this and implement preferably (A) with a message to that effect ie "Waypoint in Closed Road - WP bypassed and route recalculated".

    Many Thanks
  • Using OSM-maps I am experiencing the opposite behaviour on the following route:

    from 47.896037,14.460199
    via 47.91020722,14.44700881
    to 47.92729401,14.3887016

    The via-point lies on a blocked road (motor_vehicle=destination).

    Navigator on PC (v20.2.0) says "Route contains blocked roads" after calculation, that's okay for me.
    Navigator on Android (v6.2.6 as well as v6.1.41)  just routes through the blocked road, and that's not optimal.

    Map version on both platforms is the newest (Austria 44-202102020).
  • 6.2.11

    -crash fixes
  • 6.2.11 (as well as 6.1.41)

    Searching in mode "Offline multi-step": Country "Switzerland", city "Airolo", tap result => application crashes.
    Same for cities "Albinasca", "Bedrina", "Hospental".

    Searches in mode "Offline one-line" work without problems.
  • thanks, we will fix it

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