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  • Hello!

    I'm new to this software and what I've found online so far hasn't really answered my questions. When I'm in the map and I click on the search to find an address, I enter my province (Alberta) and then my city (Calgary), I then get 4 options for Calgary. Why is there multiple options for my city? One will say "Calgary" the other is "South Calgary" and so on. I've just been using the one that says "Calgary". Then when I enter the street, in this case "26 Avenue NE" I again get 4 options. So in order to find the address 3500 36 Ave NE I have to tap on each 26 Ave NE and try typing or finding "3500" from that list.

    Why isn't there a way to just enter "Calgary" and then "26 Avenue NE" and then "3500" and it does one search all at once? Why am I forced to search multiple options for each?

    Thank you all in advanced! :)
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  • Another example is "126 27 Ave NW, Calgary" Again I have 4 options for 27 Ave NW and none of them take me to 126 27 Ave NW.

    I really like this software, but the basic functions of searching an address easily on my laptop is quite annoying. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!
  • Calgary (Calgary) is Calgary town
    Calgary (county) is Calgary county administartive area - it is usually larger area then just town, so more streets are included
    South Calgary is region around Richmond, Garrison Wood...

    Please let me explain how it works.
    We provide free software, but do not make maps. Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can also contribute?

    You can also buy TomTom maps (Map manager/buy maps).
  • Hey! Thank you so much for the information. Understanding the hierarchy makes sense. With the paid version, is searching similar or different? I am strongly considering the paid version. Thanks again! 
  • Oh the map manager / buy maps is only available for the Android and iOS version, I am using this on a Toughbook mounted in a vehicle.
  • searching is identical, but maps may contain different data
    there are about 8 results for Calgary, inc Calgary university

    Windows version is here

  • Searching within cities is sometimes really difficult in cases, where a street crosses different suburbs of a city. You only may get a housenumber of a street, if you matched the correct suburb previously. But if you dont know the boundaries of suburbs, you may up just to try and error different suburbs.

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