No movement on screen while navigating (W10)
  • I am using MN free (Windows version)
    for many years now with great pleasure. But the recent update to
    version gives me a real headache.

    For navigation I use an Win10 Acer
    Aspire A515-52G laptop, Screenresolution: 2313 x 1301

    • after starting the program: the
      screen stays black until I zoom in or out, (the zoombuttons don't function)

    • in navigation mode the 3d screen
      is visible and I hear the instructions, but the screen does not
      change while driving. Touching the screen actuates the position for
      that moment.

    So, the gps is recognised. What can be
    the cause of this strange behaviour??

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  • What is that Version? On my PC (Win10) I have Version 20.2.0 - actually no GPS unit.
    And on the navigation system it is Version 20.1.2.

    Kind regards, Roger
  • It looks like a Windows Store version to me.
  • Thanks.
    I use MapfactorInstaller with direct download from their server. Windows Store App should be different for sure.
    Can't help with that.

    Regards, Roger
  • I used MN version 20 until I installed this version that I downloaded from Microsoft store (MapFactor GPS Navigation). The start screen is different, most of the possibilities are the same. 

    I don't know how to insert a 

  • Ok, thank you anyway Roger,

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