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  • Hi,
    Version 2.4.0 (54)
    - there is no "rename" function in the Favorites menu
    - In the list of waypoints, when adding a waypoint to favorites, do not delete the old name of the waypoint, the user must have the choice or not to name it
    - it is not possible to restore favorites from google drive, access denied by google
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  • Hi Tomas,
    Is the IOS version still in development or the IOS version is down?
    What is the name of the developer who manages the tracking of reported bugs?
    Bugs should be reported here on this forum or elsewhere?
    Thank you for the feedback.
  • Hi Denis,
    yes, it is still developed, please email ios (at)
  • Ok, tanks
    E-mail sent
  • Hi Tomas,

    MapFactor Navigator - GPS Maps 2.4.3 (79) for iOS is now available to test.

    I receive the Testflight invitation, but Testflight tells me that there is no application to test.
    I can access with a code that Testflight asks me
    Can you give me a code ?!
    I sent an email to ios (at) and Tom but I did not get an answer ?!

  • I had problem with testflight the other day, it did not see me as tester for Navigator
    but it started to work when I opened Testflight from app store

  • I tried but no change :(
  • did you get invitation?
    code should have been in it
  • I made the Beta request several years ago, but my iphone 4 was not compatible.
    I have always received the invitation emails for the tests without being able to use them.
    Now I have an iphone 6 which is compatible and I would like to participate in the Beta.
    I am currently using Navigator Ios version 2.4.2 (78)
    But I would like to test the Carplay compatible version
    thanks for the help
  • whicj iOS version do you have?
  • Hi Tomas,
    Thanks for the code ;)
    To report any bugs, we post on this discussion thread?
    The basic version has premium purchases in "€"
    while the beta version has premium purchases in "$" for France
    The language settings are of course French
  • Hi,
    No changes in 18 months despite requests to create folders for routes as on Android
    I leave the Beta Ios

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