How to see waypoint names while navigating
  • Hello from France !
    I'm a long time user of MN.
    I usually create my routes with ITNconverter or Kurviger and open them in MN.
    The 3D navigation interface is (for my tastes) very beautiful and usable.

    But there is one thing that bothers me :
    When I create a route I often give a name to my waypoints, for example "camping in 500 meters"
    When I open the GPX files in a text editor this names are in fact here,
    When I take a look on the route in MN (with navigation stopped I can see the waypoint's names in white boxes beside the red flags,
    When I scroll through the waypoint list in MN I can see the waypoint's names.
    But when I'm in 3D navigation mode, I see a nice flag at each waypoint, BUT NO TRACE of the waypoint's name.

    So PLEASE developpers if you could add this (show the waypoint's name beside the flag or at the bottom of the screen), because just to see a flag with no information is rather useless !


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