Bluetooth GPS (Garmin Glo) & Android 10
  • Did anyone find a way to make an external Bluetooth GPS (Garmin Glo) work with Map Factor Navigator in Android 10?  Bluetooth GPS mock GPS provider app sees the external device and shows all available signals from satellites but Navigator does not see the location service that the mock GPS provides.  No such problem in Android 9 or below.  Again this is about an EXTERNAL Bluetooth GPS  not internal chip or AGPS data obtained from the carrier.  All important when navigation is required in the middle of nowhere with a tablet without a built in GPS, without a SIM card and without a WIFI signal.  All that was easily possible in Android 9 and no longer possible in Android 10 for this Navigation software.  There is other navigation software such as Locus Maps and others which works fine with the above scenario since they have built in option to handshake with the Bluetooth GPS directly .  Map Factor Navigation does not is is not that sophisticated since it cannot do what others can do.
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  • It works for me using GPS connector Only problem I have is that it does not recognize the GPS right away and I have to restart the app although GPS connector has acquired a position. Also if I check GPS with tools I always get 0 satellites although I get the correct GPS time and position.

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