Would like to see waypoint names during navigation !
  • Hello here, this is my first post !

    I'm using Mapfactor Navigator for several years for my motorcycle trips. (actual version on my Android handy : 6.0.223 )
    I love this program, there is just one thing that bothers me :

    Most of the time I prepare GPX files with the "ITN Converter" program on my computer (with about 20 to 100 waypoints depending on the trip length), wich I open on my android handy in Mapfactor, with no problem.
    When I prepare my GPX-files, I often name the waypoints (for example "camping" when there is a camping not far of the waypoint)

    After opening such a GPX-file in Navigator on my handy when I display the whole trip on the screen (2D-map) the waypoint names display in white boxes at the right side of the red waypoint flags.
    So far so good.
    But when I'm in navigation mode, on the bottom of the screen I can read the road or location name (they are depending on the installed maps, not on the GPX-files), and when there is a Waypoint coming, I see the red flag, but the waypoint name doesn't show anywhere !!!
    So the names I gave to my waypoints are totally useless while in navigation mode...

    It would be nice to have the waypoint name showing at the bottom of the screen instead of the road's name (wich is more or less useless) when approaching a waypoint OR to have the waypoint's name displayed near of the red flag on the screen.

    Hoping this will be added in a future version.

    Best regards from France, Roland

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