Skoda Smartlink and Android Auto
  • I have just bought a new car which does not have dedicated SatNav but does permit connection to Android devices using "Android Auto".  I discovered on a Google webpage that they list with MapFactor as a work in progress and I wondered when I will be able to use my favourite navigation program. I have not been able to test the current version as the facility has to be 'activated' on the car at a cost of approx £150 which I am more than happy to do if Navigator will work. 
    Please let me know what the current position is and whether I should 'hold my breath'
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  • Google has not released Android Auto for navigation yet, it is in beta version.
    once they do, Navigator should be ready soon afterwards
  • Thank you Tomas. Do you have any idea when this might happen?
  • it was supposed to be last April :-)
  • That would have been nice, but do you have a more up to date expectation. Are we waiting for Google then?
  • yes, we are waiting for Google
  • I notice that Google have just release Android Auto 5.8. The reviews seem rather short on facts but I'm guessing that the ability to change 'wallpaper' doesn't really help with navigation! Are we waiting for version 6.0?
  • as far as I know navigation is not supported in the current Android Auto version

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