Importing speedcam data from other formats
  • hi. I have speedcam data in txt and csv format but couldnt import it. there is no file selection in import window. i copied both files to the directory but it didnt help.
    Does someone have ideas about how to import speedcam data from other file formats or convert them to Mapfactor Navigators format.
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  • file browser starts once you select file type
  • I go to Search > POI > Import. The window with a search string is being opened. Below is the empty area, probably for found files. There is some picture of angry faces and text "no result". Any text entered in the search string brings me to the same result "No result".

    P.S. My location is Armenia. I have different files of speedcams and other POI taken from If it helps I can send you them for analysis.
  • you cannot import using Navigator, fo that we have special tools, digger

  • Thanks, Tomas, I have tried digger too. First screen, where columns of coordinates are being selected is ok, but in the second screen NEXT button is always inactive.
  • next screen is selection of icon, you need to add one if PC navigator is not installed on your PC
  • Sorry fro bothering, Tomas. At the last step I get "All data was banned, cannot finish import". Only excell format goes to this stage.
  • probabl something wrong with your source file, you can email it to support

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