Some pretty basic questions?
  • HI,

    I have finally ( omg ) got my car pc up and running.

    I know a car pc is by its own definition, a dinosaur already, but it works for me :-)

    I am running win 10 on a thinkpad 10 tablet.

    Using Centrafuse  ( yep- somebody still uses it )

    I have DAB radio using a DVBt usb receiver, and remote control using  an old EHome receiver
     getting signals from a cheap chinese wheel  attached remote.

    You can probably tell, its not worth spending too much on this :-)

    I have Navigator 19 embedded into the navigation screen.

    It recognises the inbuilt GPS receiver in the thinkpad  ( internal 4572 gps receiver)

    Sometimes, it sees satellites, and works, but when I power up at the start of the day, it sometimes doesn't  find a fix at all all day??

    I have the correct drivers for the internal GPS, but don't understand why it would be so flakey/

    The thinkpad has plenty of power supply, so I dont' think it is power related.

    One thing I find funny with the config is that when i go to settings, I sometimes have to re-enter basic things like  ''tick the box GPS'', and also the box that says ''start the gps receiver when navigator starts'' has to be re ticked again?

    I assume that when I make these changes, the program ''remember''s them?- I cannot see a ''save'' button

    I have read some of the other threads where they say problems with interfacing internal Broadcom gps receivers with navigator, but the difference is , with my system, it sometimes works fine??

    Any Ideas?

    My other question is why I get  ''warning host  can not connect'' everytime I boot up.

    I am not surprised it cannot connect, as my system has NO internet connection atm.?

    Lastly, can I buy the real time traffic addon for Navigator 19 free?

    I was considering the option of the 200mb free data SIM  using EE.

    As I don't use the car tat often, I was hoping I might get away this this free amount every month for just traffic data.

    To achieve this I would need to set up the Firewall to ONLY connect to ''wherever'' Navigator gets the data from?

    I do not need ANY other internet connection, i only wish to use the 200 mb for traffic info.

    Would anybody know the addresses I would need to let exclusively through the firewall to keep JUST  traffic data flowing??

    Blimey, I hope that s not too confusing.

    Any help would be great

    Many THanks


    P.s  - is there any way to make the on screen keyboard a lot bigger - say 150-175%?
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  • How clear a view of the sky does your tablet have? Depending on the location of the GPS, if you have integrated it into your dash and there's sufficient metal around the tablet to act as a shield, you may be possibly shielding the antenna as well.

    Being a Windows platform, if you have a USB port available on this tablet, I would suggest an external GPS antenna to interface into it instead. Garmin make a few good GPS antennas. With my in-car Gigabyte NUC, I use the GPS-18x 5Hz but being serial-only, you need to use a USB to RS232 adapter and you need to supply 5V to the antenna (which I did by modifying the USB adapter to provide 5V via an unused pin on the serial port).

    They actually have a USB version but instead of five updates per second, it's one update per second, which isn't a bad thing and certainly suitable for automotive applications:

    With my antenna, I get a lock on satellites within 30 seconds of power up.
  • Thanks Artstar,

    The tablet is not set into any fascia.

    I have managed to get some signal, but I am surprised at how flakey it is.

    Time to find a fix can vary from  2mins to 10 mins!!.

    Fortunately I do have a USB GPS receiver, which I have brought back.

    It is a Ublox version, and worked well with my previous Sygic maps, but I thought it was mad to use use it  if I already had internal GPS :-).

    The Ublox receiver locks almost instantly ( less than 2 secs), and is the way I will go.
    Shame it uses another usb feed, but I have enough power to provide.

    Thanks for your response



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