Some pretty basic questions?
  • HI,

    I have finally ( omg ) got my car pc up and running.

    I know a car pc is by its own definition, a dinosaur already, but it works for me :-)

    I am running win 10 on a thinkpad 10 tablet.

    Using Centrafuse  ( yep- somebody still uses it )

    I have DAB radio using a DVBt usb receiver, and remote control using  an old EHome receiver
     getting signals from a cheap chinese wheel  attached remote.

    You can probably tell, its not worth spending too much on this :-)

    I have Navigator 19 embedded into the navigation screen.

    It recognises the inbuilt GPS receiver in the thinkpad  ( internal 4572 gps receiver)

    Sometimes, it sees satellites, and works, but when I power up at the start of the day, it sometimes doesn't  find a fix at all all day??

    I have the correct drivers for the internal GPS, but don't understand why it would be so flakey/

    The thinkpad has plenty of power supply, so I dont' think it is power related.

    One thing I find funny with the config is that when i go to settings, I sometimes have to re-enter basic things like  ''tick the box GPS'', and also the box that says ''start the gps receiver when navigator starts'' has to be re ticked again?

    I assume that when I make these changes, the program ''remember''s them?- I cannot see a ''save'' button

    I have read some of the other threads where they say problems with interfacing internal Broadcom gps receivers with navigator, but the difference is , with my system, it sometimes works fine??

    Any Ideas?

    My other question is why I get  ''warning host  can not connect'' everytime I boot up.

    I am not surprised it cannot connect, as my system has NO internet connection atm.?

    Lastly, can I buy the real time traffic addon for Navigator 19 free?

    I was considering the option of the 200mb free data SIM  using EE.

    As I don't use the car tat often, I was hoping I might get away this this free amount every month for just traffic data.

    To achieve this I would need to set up the Firewall to ONLY connect to ''wherever'' Navigator gets the data from?

    I do not need ANY other internet connection, i only wish to use the 200 mb for traffic info.

    Would anybody know the addresses I would need to let exclusively through the firewall to keep JUST  traffic data flowing??

    Blimey, I hope that s not too confusing.

    Any help would be great

    Many THanks


    P.s  - is there any way to make the on screen keyboard a lot bigger - say 150-175%?

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