POI-Symbols (DiggerQT-Import)
  • I have a problem with imported pois (DiggerQT -> mca-File).
    The symbol for the pois "come and go" with different zoom-factors. Whats the reason for this? What can I do, that I see ALLE points in every zoom-level?

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  • Hi MB76,

    I think that the display order of the imported Poi's does not take priority over the display of the Navigator icons.
    So that, if an icon is next to an imported Poi, the Poi will not be displayed.
    In your example, the Parking icon hides the imported Poi.
    I tried several options in Digger with no results.
  • OK, thank you! I was afraid of that. I think "own" POIs should have Prio1 before other symbols. *feature request* ;)

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