Mapfactor does not display maps of England and France
  • LG Optimus 3D max P720 phone, Android 2.3.6. Before the phone format I used Mapfactor 2.1.197 and OSM maps all over Europe were displayed. Maps of England and France are not displayed after the phone format. I installed these maps on the micro SD card and also on the phone's internal card with the same result: no roads. This can be seen:   Android cannot change to newer because I will lose support for 3D photography. I am asking for some help.
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  • I have just installed Mapfactor on my MS mobile 10 phone, however, the UK maps are showing as 'country invisible'. As a test, I have just downloaded the map for Belgium, which works fine.

    Can you please advise on the problem, which seems to be similar to that identified above.

    Thank you
  • UK maps have been devided in more regions, which are not supported by Windows Phone version

    if possible, we will let users download old type of maps, but I cannot say when
  • Hi Tomas

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I did try downloading just London and the South East (two regions), but that also did not work.

    With regard to making available the old type of maps, are we looking at weeks or months? Also, how will you let users know when they are available?

    Regards John
  • Hello,
    Same problem
    I use an old version ofMapfactor, that I can't update in my android phone
    The issue concerns only maps with new region division, like France
    If you can make available the last mca version (May or June) with the old division. ftp site ?
    In fact, when I update maps, it delete old mca maps and so I have no solution.
    I understand thta you can't update the two kind of region division, I ask only the last backup version before that you change region division
    Thank you very much

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