Add additional waypoints
  • Hi,
    I often navigate with pre prepared waypoint lists. Normally 30 to 40 waypoints for a motorbike tour. When I have to add an additional point, may be one additional POI (gas station or so), this point will ever added at the end of the list an I have to move the point manually to the actual position in the list.
    My request is to get an option to put this new point before the next not finished point in list.
    This would be a very helpful feature.
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  • Same here :)
  • may be optimise will do it?
  • It depends on the route itself and on vehicle settings. And if You plan a round-trip, optimize will guide You straight to hell :))
  • 2highlander is right. I never had a aceptable situation wäre the optimize Funktion worked like I would sort the points.

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