Download loop for update
  • My playstore app (Android 8.1. of my Xperia X compact loops Navigator downloads but does not install it.

    Error message

    "Mapfactor Navigator - GPS Navigation Maps" kann nicht i...

    Versuch es noch einmal. Fall das Problem weiterhin besteht, [hyperlink]

    Using this link, there is work for a day. Would like to save that time ...

    [update] Maybe, this is not a problem of Mapfactor. I have the same problem with two other apps :( . One or two apps updates successfully
    [update2] Navigator update was successfully on my Samsung tablet though. What seems strange to me is, that the size was indicated as 45 mb on the phone and 98mb on the tablet.
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  • I have now updated my phone via apkexport from the tablet. By the way, the size indicated by Total Commander of the apk app is 54.4 mb.

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