Create a mca poi file in Android?
  • Goodmorning to you all.
    We decided not to take a windows netbook with us on our long travels anymore. We only use Android devices. Big question is: How to create new/updated poi mca files without Digger for Windows. I looked at Wine for Android to execute Digger on a smartphone. But then you need to connect an external keyboard to your phone to get anything done in the windows frame. W're not gonna do that. You guys have any ideas to create a mca file without all those workarounds. Cheers.
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  • Thanks mate! I will keep you posted.
  • On several occasions I simply connected a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth keyboard to my phone. On my Morotorola G6+ and previous G5+ that works/worked great.
    Much better than an onscreen keyboard.
  • Cool, Wolf. Will try that later. First try Master Tomas' remark.
  • Clavis Keyboard and Showkey as mentioned on do not exist in Playstore anymore. Wine remark: Currently the Keyboard won't pop up by itself as you would expect it. A workaround is to install the App¬†"Hacker's Keyboard"¬†developed by Klaus Weidner.

    OK, so far so good. I have Wine running, with Klaus his keyboard on screen.

    I've downloaded and unzipped diggerQt in Android. From Wine I see the files and the diggetQt.exe. But I've not been able to execute digger. It seems Wine doesn't recognise diggerQt.exe as an executable. A simple test batch in the digger folder is executed fine though.

    More later
  • I'm afraid Wine doesn't execute x86 exes on my Snapdragon ARM. That means that using Wine to execute diggerQt on my smartphone is a no go. Other possibilies like the use of for example ExaGear seem not to be existing.

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