more vehicle profiles and mixing them in alternative routes
  • Hello. 
    I used navigator for over two years
    and it is fairly good, especially if one tweaks vehicle profile settings.

    Recently I decided to give alternative route option a go and it is fairly disappointing.
    It would be much more usefull to be able to create few vehicle profiles and then having option to choose them to consider for alternative routes. 
    F.e. in some countries and places it is better to not use "three number" roads at all (like germany, czech czech and poland) but f.e. in France using such roads can not obly save km but time as speed limits on main roads are vset very low. 

    One can adjust vehicle profile to make navigator route better , but then one has only one vehicle profile so previous "sweet spot" settings are gone. 

    Alternative route option could try to pick route based on either of choosen profile and a "blend" (easy as only few settings can be picked and user could choose % of blend for each road type in "blend" profile)

    All the best and happy routing!

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  • Also, option to change vehicle profile after certain waypoint would be Very usefull - f.e. changing vehicle profile to car-city-day or car-city-night on a waypoint one sets just before city limits.

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