Address distance bug [Not Solved]
  • Hi Tomas, Stepan,

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  • and what is the problem?
  • The probleme is the distance....
    My position to rue de metz Cholet / Grenoble
    Real distance : 55 km / 680 km
    Navigator : 2.,2 km / 7,2 km
  • distance is from map centre, not from your position
  • Map centre ?
    France centre !?
    Cholet is in West of France
    And Grenoble is in Est of France
    Cholet to Grenoble 750 km not 7 km
    Or i dont understand Map centre :(
  • centre of map displayed at the time of search
    what you saw just before searching
  • Hi Tomas,

    Ok, so the center of the map is located at the position of the last search viewed on the map.

    I search for "Angers" and display on the map.
    The center of the map is therefore at "Angers"
    I'm looking for "rue de Metz Cholet"
    the indicated distances are always 2.2 km(Cholet) and 7.2 km(Grenoble)


  • I probably explained it incorrectly
    when there is match, for example 'rue de Metz Cholet' then no distance is displayed

    when there is no match, for example '4 rue de Metz Cholet' then distance is shown
    distance is, in this case 2.2km from Cholet and 7.2km from Grenoble
  • Ha, ok, i understand now, thx.
  • Heuuu, I thought I understood, but not sure ....
    or there is still a bug.
  • I think it is from St Martin du Fouilloux
  • I think it's a bug....
    to the second result - 5 km Saint Georges sur Loire - Angers
    There are 18 km
  • that street is 5km from saint Georges sur Loire, not 18km
  • No, at the second result, "rue des fontaines" is at "Saint georges sur loire"
    Show on the map.
    But I agree that "rue des fontaines" in Saint martin du fouilloux is 5 km from St georges sur loire.
    But it is indicated "Angers" in the result.
  • but you are searching for "rue des fontaines" in "Saint martin du fouilloux", that is 5km from "Saint georges sur loire"
  • It's good, I understood everything !!
    Finally, I believe :D
    1) The research is centered in St Martin du Fouilloux.
    2) at 213 m, there is the rue des fontaines in St Martin du Fouilloux.
    3) at 5 km from the center of st martin du fouilloux, there is the rue des fontaines in St georges sur loire.
    4) at 17 km from the center of st martin du fouilloux, there is the rue des fontaines in Aubigny
    5) etc ...

    Solved :)
  • Heuuu, :)

    But if that's right, there is no logic with the answer to my first post ?!

    If the search is centered on "Cholet" Grenoble is not 7.2 km from cholet.

  • As I was still in the company and developed this feature it looked like this:

    There was always blue center point and then the items found in surrounding. What I see in the MacDony's first post is that there is missing the center point. The second center point seems to be Le Pont de Claix.
  • Hi Lubos,
    Ok, thanks for the information.
    So there is a problem.

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