Camping sites gpx file as poi import.
  • Can somebody tell me, if and if yes how, I can import the gpx file (or any other file) for campingsites from this website for Navigator?
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  • you can import your POIs using this PC tool:
    once imported, copy .mca file where all the others are, most likely in

  • Hi Oldie,
    Yes, it must work, I downloaded the camping for France and there are several formats compatible with Navigator, Gpx and Csv.
    You can convert the files to Mca.
    Pois for France:
  • Omg, digger. I forgot. I used it years ago. Found it quite complicated. But I will try again.
  • you cam always share imported .mca files :-)
  • Not if the data source is not free to be distributed for everybody, as is the case here. And it is not worth it anyway, I think. There is very limited data only, much less as I found for the same sites within Navigator's OSM data.
  • Hi Oldie,
    If you want to recover the OSM campsites, you can use "Overpass turbo"
    This is what I do for public toilets and Picnic Tables
  • Looks interesting, but to understand that, would be too time consuming for me

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