its an oldie - but who knows??
  • HI,

    I am still using Centrafuse auto for my car pc. - o.k. suppress all those giggles :-), but it still works really well, and can do things that even android can't, all without having to touch the screen

    There is a facility to 'embed' an application in centrafuse , so it appears when you select an external application.
    It works very well for most things- you have to give the application a name, and then point to the .exe to run.

    This where is I am having problems with Navigator 19.
    I use the ''free'' version.
    If I point the software to the PC_NAVIGATOR.exe, in Program files, centrafuse always starts up the ''pay for'' version, asking for a license??
    Am I doing something wrong?
    How can I give a path to the program .exe, which specifies the ''free'' version??

    I hope that is understandable, in fact I secretly hope there might be someone here who remembers the software, and how to maybe do this,as Centrafuse is now dead with no support, but was working with mapfactor navigator successfully I believe.

    Anyway, If anyone has any ideas, thank you


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  • I guess that you will need the correct start sequence, which for a PC is:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator19\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe" --window_border=yes --atlas='C:\ProgramData\Navigator\19.2\atlas_pcn_free.idc'

    The window_border is optional.

    I don't know what Centrafuse is. So if it doesn't run on Windows, then excuse me, then I don't know an answer


  • Hi, on first start there should be a dialogue for the license.
    "Enter license" => Exit => "Do you want to switch to free version?" => Yes
    After that, free version will start, every time, without question.

    If not:
    Are you using the WinCE-Version? Install and start it on another device, after switching to free version, end and copy the complete folder to your centrafuse device. Then point to the .exe-file ...

  • Thanks so much for both for these suggestions:-)

    I thought I was on my own with this!

    BTW, I am using Centrafuse with windows 10 on a lenovo windows tablet.

    Not at home at the moment, but will try both these suggestions when I am there.

    Will let you know

    Thanks again

  • O.K,   I tried these methods.

    Roger - unfortunately, the sequence of events you said should happen, doesn't:-(

    At no point do I have the opportunity to ''exit'', and choose ''free'' ? - ah well.

    Fortunately the path suggested by Uli works fine - Thank you

    Many Thanks tp both


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