Motorcycle road trip, filter distance announcements and waypoint names
  • Hi all,
    Many of us are bikers.
    We often use Gpx files with multiple waypoints to guide us to cool routes.
    Certain waypoints such as coffee break, pee, restaurant, bar, etc. are useful to us and we want them to be announced, before and at their position.
    On the other hand, the intermediate waypoints are not useful to us and their announcement is painful.
    I found how to turn off the announcement of the unnecessary waypoint distance as well as the announcement of its name at the location.
    The other useful waypoints are always announced by distance and name.
    If you are interested and Tomas authorizes me, I will post a video of a simulation on the forum.
    Good evening to all. ;)
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  • I would like to see. ;-)
  • Ok Oldie ;)

    Sorry, the sound is not very good ....
    The list of points:
    - Start
    - Waypoint number 1: Restaurant stop: TTS on
    - Waypoint number 2: Not useful : TTS off
    - Waypoint number 3: Stop to take photos: TTS on
    - Waypoint number 4: Not useful : TTS off
    - End : the name of the destination : TTS on

    The link :
    Click on the video to see

  • Merci! It is a nice feature. But I would take no special effort for me to implement that. If it comes with Navigator, would be good!

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