GPS Positions Recording not working
  • v5.5.102 - Sony xperia zx2,  android 9.

    In a nutshell the "Save as GPX automatically" is not working. It saves files in NMEA format  instead.

    Choosing "Save as NMEA automatically"  enables the bar at bottom - "Record as GPX" & "Record as NMEA".  In effect "Save as NMEA automatically"  behaves as " Turn on/off manually" instead.

    If none of the manual record options is chosen then no files are saved. In effect the  "Save as NMEA automatically"  just switches off recording.

    There is no option to switch off Automatic position recording as per the screenshot from V4.x release. 

    To summarise:-
    Turn on/off manually = missing
    Save as GPX automatically = saves in NMEA format
    Save as NMEA automatically = Turn on/off manually

     I do not think is the app. I have de-installed Mapfactor, cleared cache, delete all data files and Andorid com.mapfactor folder.
    Re-installed Mapfactor but still get the same problem whether installed sdcard or internal storage. The same version works ok on my BB Z30.

    ... screenshots below


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