OFFLine Install??
  • Hi,

    I would like to use navigator 19 on my car tablet.

    It does not have wifi, and programs and any data is loaded  via a usb stick with data downloaded from a  PC connected to the 'net.

    So.... :-)

    I download the navigator installer on my PC

    I download the relevant map to a folder on my PC

    I then transfer the data to my carputer.

    When I run the installer, it seems to install the program, but when I run it it says ''unable to download required information  host directions not found''

    I cant get beyond this.

    I thought I would be able to point the program to the map folder and it would work

    Sorry for my noobness, but can anyone explain if I can install this program offline? ( having downloaded the map data already? )

    Many Thanks  for any suggestions

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  • Navigator 19 means your Tablet has a WIndows version.
    Which Windows do you have?
    Windows CE version 5 or 6?
    Or normal Windows ?

    The installer you downloaded is not yet the navigator program but just the installer for the Navigator Setup Program for Windows, so install that on your PC first. Then with the Setup program you install the different versions.

    If your target is WIN CE just install navigator on your USB stick or the SD card of your tablet and then transfer it and the maps to the tablet and run navigator.exe.
    Depending on your WIN CE version you may need some additional DLL's.

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