Night Mode: Unable to get rid of white Android nav-bar
  • Hello, I'm running MFN 5.5.97 on a Samsung Note 8 with Android 9.
    In MFN Night Mode, I cannot seem to get rid of the white Android navigation bar (the one with the three virtual Android keys), and this bar always stays (black-on-)white no matter if Android nightmode is active and which Android color theme is selected.
    This is quite annoying to the side of the largely dark map view, and even more so in HUD mode (I bought the premium pack).
    Probing diverse Android settings, I can neither get the nav-bar to have a dark background color nor to auto-hide after a few seconds so it comes back only through an inward swipe (which it does for some apps, e.g. Youtube, Netflix but not with MFN).
    Setting the nav-bar to be ALWAYS hidden is not an option to me, I usually want to see it except for very few full-screen apps. BTW fiddling with Android fullscreen settings is not an option in this case either - Android regards MFN as "fully optimized" so there is nothing to configure for this app.
    any ideas? Thanks!

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