Direction City name, Exit name with TTS
  • Hi,
    Can you add the City name, Exit name with TTS
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  • Hi,
    Would it be possible to add this option in the TTS?
    it would be really nice ;)
    Currently there is A in the TTS
  • Hi,

    Currently, the TTS uses the street name with the attribute "Key: name"
    it should be possible to add the attribute "Key: destination"
    so that the TTS says "to (Destination) Poitiers; Niort" when the blue panel appears.

    Osmand has this function and it is useful for navigation.

  • Hi,

    Can you, please, modify the data so that the "navigation.xml" file can read the destination in TTS of the kind below.

          <!-- Roundabout. Take the [first, second, ... twentieth] exit -->

    Thank you so much.

  • Hi Tomas, Stepan,

    What is the name or type of the variable that displays the name of the "direction"
    I would make some test

    <type>take_direction_name_later</type> ??
    <type>take_direction_name_now</type> ??
    or others

  • Hi,

    A little UP so as not to forget this function :)
    If you could give the name of the Variable used to display the name of the Destination, that would be nice.
    it would occupy during confinement ;)

  • Hi Tomas, Stepan,

    What is the name of this Variable, I would like to add it to the TTS.xml and Navigation.xml file
    to have voice information when I ride the bike.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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