How to define Home in favorites ?
  • Hi,

    I'm learning Navigator on Android with OSM to begin.

    The main thing I can't solve is to define a "Home" favorite : my house !

    Every GPS device or app I know offers this function. If I want Navigator to bring me back home, I have to choose in my favorites as any others.

    If I set a single favorite, I mean outside a group folder, that one I could name "Home" goes at the bottom of the list behind the groups folders I created.

    I'm not good with that, is there a way ?

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  • you can drag your 'Home' entry up on top, above other favourites and folders
  • Hi,
    Go to the map
    click on the location of your house
    a menu appears
    click on the star to add to favorites
    go to favorites
    click on the new favorites
    a menu appears
    click rename
    rename to "home"
    to reorganize the favorites, click on "AZ" or "ZA"
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your fast answers.

    I succeeded in dragging my "Home" favorite (alone) at the top of the list. It was not evident, I had to drag group/folders down and put them on the star single "Home" to have them go under. This way it's good.
    Dragging the star up didn't work, I don't know why, my finger and stylet are OK ;-)

    Even with a "space" or a "1" at the beginning of my Home'name, reorganize AZ doesn't work, always folders first ordered AZ, not the star.

    Anyway I think that's not the best behavior, having a standard Home favorite is classic and useful.
  • Not good!!! Someone steals your phone, they know where you live. Best to call it something else other than home.
  • That is the negative view. 
    You loose your phone and the good, friendly finder knows where to send it to. :)

    Next to that: Even if they steal it, they first have to hack the pin code or whatever security you have on your phone.
    Unless everything is on SD-card and they access the Navigator data on your phone.

    Anyway: I do have my address in my phone.
  • @hvdwolf  I think you're right

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