Not working after the update
  • Previously the program was on the screen of my car after the new update does not work possible older version
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  • what exacly does not work?
    please give more information
  • Hi, i'm new to this Forum..i have a problem with the Navigation device in my car too. i can install the Map Navigator 19 Free version on the SD card and i'm able to start the aplication but wen its running the screen doesn't stay active. it returns instant to radio screen. if i click on NAV button again ,ican see the navigation for a segment of a second ,then the screen goes back to radio. im also able to click very fast on any button of the Navi when im fast enough,so its running in the background. did anyone have a clue what i can try to get the Navi active? My car device is a China product called Witson W2-E8660X with Win CE system.

    Edit: since a restart next Morning all works perfect!

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