Long delays in updates for variouse countries - leave .mca and move to .osm
  • First a little bit of flattery, your program is great and I like it very much. The ability to add to the maps via OSM is a bonus and some time ago meant that the navigator was always up to date.

    However in the last eight (or so) months the updates are much less frequent for UK that is.
    Some time ago there was suggestion on this forum that we could help with building the maps if that is too much for you. That idea was scraped, so I would like to ask if you could use .OSM files rather than .MCA.

    as per OSM wiki:

    You could come up with how to use the plane data from OSM and maybe allow users/us generate the data all by ourself?
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  • It is technically not possible to support OSM format. The data needs to be decimated for different zooms, search database has to be created, etc...

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